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Yes, I'm A Church Web Developer

I’m John Moore, the founder of Assure Studios.
We help churches create websites that will encourage and educate their members and help their church seek and save the lost.

More about me

I'm learning to love to write again through my blog Assure Studios Blog.

Assure Studios blog is dedicated to helping churches build and maintain great websites.

I also love talking about my God, coding, design, business, travel, food more specifically burgers. Basically, I just love talking. If you would like to talk to me don't be shy I would love to hear from you.

Our Story

We human beings need to find a purpose in our lives. We need something that drives us besides money materialistic things or things that bolster our ego.

With Christians, our purpose in life should directly or indirectly grow the kingdom of God.

When I was younger I stumbled upon web design and development and fell in love. It married the technical geek in me with the dormant artist that was inside of me, But it wasn't until I saw the horrible state of church websites that I personally found my focus. I found my purpose that will directly help grow the kingdom of God.

Many Churches do not utilize search engine optimization so when people search for a new church home through google search their church cannot be found.

Many churches do not use analytics so they don't know who is coming to there church website, what they are doing while on their website and when are they leaving their church website. So churches have to no idea if the goals they have set up for there site is actually working. That's why Assure Studios exist I wanted to help churches find great people and help people find great churches. This is our mission, our passion, and our purpose.
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